1986-1989'sWhat if...
Winesoda Beverages Inc.

When work was done and EXPO 86 was operational I had time to notice that the only beverages available on tap were beer in flimsy plastic cups and the cooler market in bottles was just becoming popular.

What if I could create a small footprint, portable, on tap, multi- flavoured carbonated wine beverage system. I designed and built a prototype in Vancouver and shopped it around for production financing. George Gund was owner of Minnesota North Stars hockey and the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball teams. He was was negotiating with a hot new prospect Michael Jordan when we met on the North Star, his yacht moored at the Bayshore in the Vancouver Harbour

He took a shine to the concept and I built 10 units with the intention of shipping them to EXPO 88 in Brisbane Australia for a global Market test. Winesoda Beverages became an official corporate sponsor and the portable systems appeared on site plus in the Brisbane Sheraton Hotel.

To aid in the promotion, I had a contact who could deliver packaged one million year old Glacier Ice from Stuart Alaska. I imported 5 tons of Ice. We made the National IV news and the front pages of most Australian newspapers. The system was sold to CIG Kleer Kube before the close of the fair.