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What If…I told the story of a fine arts guy, who recognized on university graduation that the brushes should go in the cupboard until he saw the world and became rich and famous. Well, he saw the world.

For all you latent artists out there thinking of hauling the brushes out from under the stairs, here’s the story of that guy and his journey into the creative life.

The InventorWhy do paintings have to be flat...

This website is also for the thousands of artists who use right and left brain to create art. In the late 1940’s an NY art movement calling themselves Spatialists, stated “we refuse to accept science and art as two distinct phenomenon”. Why do paintings have to be flat? Then of course Da Vinci.


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Paintings are a product of our life’s combined experiences. Expressing our travels on canvas in a straight forward realistic style

has been my task since 2002. Every painting has a story, which the purchaser will receive in writing from the artist.

The structured pieces are one of a kind, worth every penny. But that’s another story...


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Master Class Tutorial 

Spatialist Nouveau 

The art of creating structured Canvases

What if...I created an online platform that shares and demonstrates what structures can be created with a stick and some canvas. Simple stretching to elaborate canvases within canvases and washboard shapes that alter the viewer's perception as they pass by. Part Science, Part Art. This may be of more interest to those artists who are familiar with and have access to basic woodworking power tools: table saw, miter chop saw, electric staple gun, power drill. Basic hand tools plus a good pair of canvas stretching pliers and construction glue/ dispenser.

(Videos to come from Mexico)

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