Richard Alm


Designer, painter, sculptor, printmaker, and producer of fine art.
I am a practicing designer, painter, sculptor and digital printmaker having received my BA from the University of Saskatchewan class of 1967. As a fine arts undergraduate, I studied under several of Canada’s leading painters and sculptors including Eli Bornstein, Otto Rogers, Ernst Lindner, Robert Murray & William Epp.

The intervening 40 years was a worldwide journey in the communication and design community creating everything from new products and advertising to world fair exhibits. To discover how I became an artist and the missing 40 years go to my Timeline. 

Today, I paint in my new studio (when I’m not golfing) overlooking the 1st hole of Fairwinds Fairwinds Golf Course, Nanoose Bay, BC Canada.

My preferences are landscapes, urban and rural, executed in a realistic style with the occasional portrait to improve my skills in that area. As we are an extension of our experiences, my creations are often influenced by the often rigid rules of the graphic & industrial design industries that were my pre-painting life. The canvases do not contain any inner dark feelings or are intended to promote some social statement. I’ve simply tried to capture a moment in time from my ongoing travels, to be enjoyed by others in a bright, sometimes mystical but cheerful way. I like happy colors.

About 10 years ago,I questioned why canvases had to be flat and I began experimenting with structured canvases. Part art, part science-based upon the 1948 Spatialist Group mantra, that Art and Science are not two distinct phenomena. They were the first canvas slashers. I took the opposite approach and called my new works Spatialist Nouveau. Check it out under Categories and stay tuned for a Master Class in the spring of 2022. 

November through March I find us in our Cabo San Lucas Mexico Condo. I will be posting on scene videos of art experiences in South Baja. Hope you can enjoy them.

I have been juried into over 30 gallery shows over the past 5 years and received my Signature Status with the Federation of Canadian Artists in March of 2014. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I’m enjoying the process.

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